2-Day Capacity Building Workshop for Umuode Teachers

Date: 20-21 Sep 2023

In a collaborative effort, Dewdrop Foundation partnered with the Enugu State Universal Basic Education Board (ENSUBEB) to organize a transformative 2-day capacity building workshop for teachers in Umuode. Titled “Restarting the Reset Button on Education in Umuode,” the workshop aimed to empower educators with enhanced skills and knowledge for the betterment of education in the region.

Objectives of the Workshop:

  1. Enhancing Educational Methodologies:
    The primary objective of the workshop was to improve the knowledge, skills, and competencies of school teachers in Umuode. Participants delved into the latest educational methodologies and developments, aiming to elevate the standard of education through continuous improvement.
  2. Building Classroom Management Skills:
    Focused on creating a positive learning environment, the workshop sought to build the capacity of teachers in effectively managing their classrooms. This included strategies to foster a conducive atmosphere for both teaching and learning.

3. Establishing Effective Assessment Methods:
The workshop emphasized the importance of student assessment and feedback methods. Teachers engaged in discussions and practical sessions to establish comprehensive approaches that would actively engage students and contribute to a more effective learning process.

4. Promoting Student-Centered Learning:
A key objective was to promote student-centered learning in community schools in Umuode. The workshop encouraged teachers to adopt methodologies that foster active participation and engagement, ensuring a more enriching educational experience for students.

5. Encouraging Collaboration and Identifying Areas for Improvement:
The workshop aimed to foster collaboration among teachers, parents, and community leaders. Participants actively engaged in discussions to identify areas for improvement within the educational landscape, promoting a holistic approach to enhancing the learning environment.

The 2-day capacity building workshop for Umuode teachers, organized by Dewdrop Foundation in partnership with ENSUBEB, stands as a significant step towards advancing education in the region. The objectives, ranging from improving educational methodologies to encouraging collaboration, reflect a commitment to nurturing a robust and effective educational system. This report serves as a documentation of the impactful initiatives undertaken during the workshop, with the hope that the outcomes will contribute to a positive transformation in Umuode’s educational landscape.


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