Care of Elderly and Vulnerable Persons

Elderly persons (especially the women) are mostly marginalised and abused because of the various age-related health challenges they encounter which typically include dementia, loss of mobility, incontinence, and other issues. This has made them target/victims of various kinds of abuse by their family members, caregivers, and the public.

This year, DDF continued to advocate for the rights of these elderly population through the “target-group led” Seenagers’ Associations for elderly persons (fondly called “Senior Teenagers”). The Associations were key outcomes of our 2020 Oxfam-Voice sponsored project on “Curbing Elder Abuse in Rural Communities”. Our two model Associations with over 80 members each, are in Umuode community of Enugu State, and Kuchingoro, in Abuja, FCT.  DDF provided guidance, resources, including volunteers and financial support for their 2021 monthly meetings, advocacy activities, medical outreaches, and annual celebrations.



Public Awareness and Media Sensitization

DDF recognized the need to amplify the advocacy on eldercare in our communities as a means of breaching the knowledge gap on the issues of older persons and for sensitization on the ways to deliver social care to older persons especially those in the communities..


Individual Eldercare Intervention

Dewdrop Foundation continued her intervention on eldercare in the special case of Mrs. Josephine Nwachukwu, a victim of elder abuse and ostracization by her children/community in Nsukka, Enugu State.


Urban Gardening for Elderly

Dewdrop Foundation initiated the urban gardening project for the elderly members of our “Seenagers Association” (fondly called “Senior Teenagers”) at the Kuchingoro camp for Internally Displaced People (IDP) in Abuja.


Documentary on Elder Abuse

Dewdrop Foundation produced a documentary to review the economic issues surrounding elder abuse using our model community, Umuode as a take-off point.


Funfair for the Elderly

Dewdrop Foundation collaborated with Pietan Caring Mission for the Poor to organize a funfair activity to meet the social needs of the elderly.


Context Update and Validation workshop

The 2021 Context Update and Validation workshop was successfully held to identify gaps within the context of our projects and strategize for the sustenance of the work being done.

About Us

DDF started as an organization whose work largely focused on Caregivers. However, our field experience over the years on the intersecting challenges faced by rights holders, led to our additional focus on community development

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